September  2016

Parsons Schedule

Parsons studio is scheduled to open in February 2012 Scheduled to be announced.

Call 620.330.7734

2911 W. Main Street (next door to Grand Rental Station) Parsons, KS 67357

Lil’Dragons Program – This is a basic karate class with emphasis on motor skill development, learning by watching, and listening skill enhancement. Kicking, punching, blocking, and basic self defense skills are taught and practiced in each class.

Standard Program – Tang Soo Do is the core of Christian Karate Academy while several other styles such as Hwa Rang Do and Tae Kwon Do compile some of the techniques that we do, it is Tang Soo Do that we get the basis of our art.

Midnight Blue Club – Special Invitation only to green belts who have committed to the rank of Midnight Blue Belt (traditional Black Belt). Advanced training includes traditional weapons long staff, short stick and Nunchaku. As well as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (combative ground fighting skills)